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Tax Preparation Services in NJ & NY:

Ingis & Company offers the following tax preparation services:

  • Personal Income Taxes
  • Corporations
  • S-Corporations
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Partnerships
  • Retirement Plans
  • Payroll Taxes

Our staff of accountants is fully trained and have years of experience in all aspects of tax preparation. Whether they are completing tax reports for large corporations, small businesses or individuals, our team of tax experts will take every possible step to assure accuracy of payments and full applicable refunds. We will satisfy all the requirements of the federal government while maintaining the integrity of the individual or company for whom the report is being generated.

Personal Income Taxes

Even the most seasoned do-it-yourselfer can use help from time to time to complete tax returns. Federal guidelines change every year, making it difficult to stay abreast of tax law changes, understand the implications and apply them to appropriately. Our staff continually receives updates, instructions and classes on current tax rules and regulations. Our software is updated on a regular basis with changes required by all regulatory amendments. Staying informed allows our group to provide our clients the most accurate and up-to-date financial management information.


Regardless of how intricate or complex your corporation may be, our staff will take the necessary action to compile even the most complicated financial information into workable facts and figures that can be used to generate accurate tax reports. We specialize in the preparation of tax returns for both large and small corporations' expenditures.


Corporations that are owned by stockholders, which have elected Sub-chapter S status have the responsibility of passing gains and losses through to the individual returns of those stockholders. Our accountants are fully trained in the rules and regulations pertaining to S-corporation taxes. We will prepare and make ready for distribution all pertinent financial information that can in turn be provided to each stockholder. We will also prepare the individual owner or stockholder tax information forms as well as individual tax returns.

Limited Liability Company

Limited liability companies are treated as partnerships for income tax purposes with the income passing through to the personal tax returns of the owners. (NOT AS CORPORATATIONS - NO ONE DOES THAT - SO IF WE DO THAT, PLEASE FIRE US)

Our staff will prepare the required tax returns for the LLC as a whole and where applicable prepare individual tax returns as well.


Although partnerships are required to report to the federal government the company's financial information each year, the partners individually are responsible for paying any taxes that may be required as the result of business activities. We will prepare the necessary returns for the partnership as well as supplying each partner with sufficient information to file individual tax returns. If desired, we will complete the individual tax returns for the respective partners.

Retirement Plans

Our staff is confident and ready to help you understand your current and future tax obligations whether your retirement plan is an IRA, a 401K or a similar program. Whether your plan is an annuity, established by your employer, pre-taxed, post-taxed or is completely different, we can advise you of the benefits and accuracy of information provided and recommended future actions.

Further, if you have no retirement plan in effect, we can help you determine which one to choose based on your current situation and projected future needs and advise you of potential problems or possible pitfalls.

Payroll Taxes

Being in compliance with payroll tax filing requirements is essential for all types of businesses. Our staff is well informed on the federal and state level of the payroll tax laws and keeps current on this ever changing area of running a business.

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