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Accounting Services in New Jersey & New York:

At Ingis & Company, we strive to offer our clients premium accounting services at affordable prices. Our professionals have numerous years of experience and remain abreast of the latest accounting laws that may affect your financial portfolio. If you're in the market for accounting or IT services, you have come to the right place! Our company offers:

Our company has been providing accounting services to clients and have been servicing New York & New Jersey since 1987. If you're seeking accounting solutions or IT solutions, our New Jersey office can provide exactly what you need. We'll pair you with one of our professionals and help you with all of your needs. Our approach is efficient and innovative.

Most clients are not aware of the benefits they can receive from a local firm designed to handle the needs of the tri-state area. Because we are aware of what you need to know, we can save you time and energy. We can help you optimize the efficiency of your business with our IT networking and technology solutions.

We offer a variety of tools and services that help clients optimize their business operations. Our customized plans will help your business run more efficiently and effectively. We also conduct operational audits for accounting, networking, and computing.

Our company has partnerships to help us bring you state-of-the-art solutions in software, hardware, and networking. With more than 15 years of experience in installation, troubleshooting, upgrading, and building, we are equipped to handle small-scale to large scale problems. This ensures that you get the best and most extensive service possible.

Numerous clients who have tried our services have referred us to other clients who have also appreciated our services. We'll do anything we can to meet your needs. Finances are not the most pleasant topic, but we strive to make it less frustrating for our clients. Contact us today for a consultation or to schedule an appointment.

Does your business run as well as it should?

With Ingis Full View™, we can work with you to help identify ways to optimize your business. Whether that means improving your bookkeeping practices, utilizing new software, or updating your network, we help you run a more efficient and cost-effective operation.

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